Monday, June 29, 2009

riding horses

The Highlight of the reunion for Zac and Hannah was riding horses.
Livvy and naner bugs... such cute little girls

Thanks Courney for walking kids around and around, your the best.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Mark coached Zacs little league team and did amazing with these kids.
We played a good fun season and we barley made it to the finals being number 8.
Being the underdogs we kept thinking... just one more game,
this little kids had a different plan and just kept winning this week
They played 6 games this week and placed 3rd in the whole league.
Mark was one proud coach to say the least. It was so much fun to watch these kids over the season grow and become an amazing team.
(the picture above is right after they knocked out the 4th team, they were pretty pumped)

After HOURS of dragging kids to games,
just to have the sun beat on us
or sit under umbrellas cause it's raining so much
or have it be so windy I have to sit in the car with the kids...
Little league has come to an end. YAY!