Sunday, June 8, 2008

The girls were being really silly the other day and
Gray was chillin' in his little bumbo
(Thanks Nelson for letting me borrow it)
and he just kept looking at them like
"Are these really my sisters?"

It was pretty cute.

Our trip to West Yellowstone

This was our first family vacation with 4 kids,
and it kicked my butt!!!
With that said we did have some good times:)
The kids loved to see the animals in the park, and we were so lucky to see a GRIZZLY BEAR with her CUB and also 2 WOLFS. The kids thought that was pretty cool... so did I. A guy from "down under" was there with his stethescope and asked if we wanted to look closer at the bears , so we saw it really close up, it was awsome.
Zac was so cute, he had his pen and paper and he would write down all the differnt animals we saw.
When we went to see OLD FAITHFUL there was this pile of snow in the parking lot and the kids were so excited (like we hadn't had a tun of snow all winter) so we let them get out and play!

This is cute Zac at UPPER FALLS in the park. Hannah and Gray fell asleep so I took Zac real quick to see them and then Mark took Miley!
I couldn't get my camera to work at the POOL so this is the only picture I got but they had a blast playin' in the water, this is Lies chillin' in her tube.

This is at MESA FALLS. All the kids thought this was cool.

The kids in the gift shop with the bears!

We were in a shirt shop lookin around and I look over and Hannah is trying on a hat checking herself out in a mirror...
She knows she is dang cute!

On the way home we stoped at BIG SPRINGS to let the kids
feed the fish!
I have to admit when I got home I was totally worn out! I think I'll wait till my two little ones are a bit older before I plan another family trip:)