Monday, April 12, 2010


My poor Gray Gray tripped while heading outside and split his forehead right open. I took him to the urgent care and because it was so deep they didn't think the glue and butterfly would hold so the stitched it up.

He is so dang tuff and didn't cry at all, he was running around the waiting room with a big gash in his head... then they had to stitch it. He freaked out! Kicking and screaming. I hated it so bad, nothing like breaking a moms heart.

After getting home he once again acted like nothing had happened to him and he began climbing on chairs and tables and riding his scooter and trike. Now I'm paranoid!

Easter Saturday

BRRR, we braved the cold and snow to go to an egg hunt.
Hannah was all over getting as many eggs as she could

Miley was freezing. To cold to care about the eggs.

Grady was Happy as ever.
Later that day we had a family get-together and egg hunt.
It was fun/ CrAzY!
(For some reason the kids all seemed to be on one that day.)
It was fun to see everyone and luckly the weather was nicer by the afternoon.

Everyone haven fun and being goofy!

Spring break in Poky

I used to want to get away from Poky come spring break,
this year that's where I went.
I stayed with Lacey and it was so much fun.
As u can see we did just about what we'd do if we weren't together,
only we had someone to do it with and
twice as many kids to take care of and clean up after. LOL
I think cause they had each other they didn't make as many messes
and because there was two of us to clean and cleaned up twice as fast.
This is what most of our time consisted of... KIDS!
I didn't get any pictures of Jax and Zac
cause they were on the computer most the time frying there brains!

All the little ones had so much fun.
The played so hard and all got along perfect.

Miley and Alex get along SO SO great
it made it so nice to have them entertain each other.

My awesome friend Riley had me bring my girls to there old preschool class
they had so much fun seeing all there school/church friends.
Then we went to our old playgroup to catch up with friends.
I went out with my family one night and went to lunch with sisters and friends one day.
It was a fast week with all the things we fit in. It really made me miss home and everyone there.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


A week before Easter the Bunny went to visit the Zoo and to my suprise ALL of my kids liked the bunny... I was sure Miley and Gray would be scared, NOPE!
The weather was perfect!

They all thought EVERY animal was the best one!
They were so much fun to watch.

It was so nice to get out and do something fun with our little family!