Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Little Miss MIley ...a.k.a... Lady bug

Miley is a cute little Lady Bug for Halloween and she LOVES her costume.
I could hardly take a picture of her beacause she can't stop dancing when she's wearing it.
I love the picture with her and Grady, you can totally see how much Grady loves his sis.
My sweet Little Lady Bug!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hannah Jo Bugs ...a.k.a... Bumble Bee

Hannah is being a cute little Bumble Bee for Halooween this year.
I thought she looked so dang cute and
she was in such a great mood so...
I took some pictures of her before we went to a family Halloween party

I LOVE this last one, it really shows her sassy personality...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mileys Fancy Bithday party! (and day)

For Mileys Birthday this year she had a fancy tea party lunch.
All her little friends came dressed up all fancy and they all look so so cute.
Alex, Miley and Landon

Playing tea party

Having their lunch...
Jitaya, Miley, Mila and Hannah

Natalie, Evven, Kiri and Jo

Aunt Lacey and Aunt Trish helped with the party

Their fancy little lunch

I had a chair set out with lots of hats and gloves and dress up clothes with a mirror next to it and the kids had so much fun trying it all on and posing in front of the mirror.
All the Birthday guest got to decorate purses and buckets(for the boys) with feathers, jewels and bows.
Natalie and Evven making their FaNcY little bags

Jo, Miley, Natalie and Rebecca showing off their bags they made

(It was so funny, all the girls got to decorate little purses and the boys got to decorate little red buckets... all three boys wanted a purse)

GiFt TiMe!

Sweet Bithday Girl

Alex and Miley are best freind and he made sure and looked his very best for her party

Mileys little twin Mila


Natalie and Evven


HaPpY BiRtHdAy LiTtLe MiSs MiLeY!
Later, Grandma Mayfield brought over some fun gifts, she loves her fabulous fancy Nancy outfit, she even got the book that goes with the dress up... we read it about every night , she loves it.
Miley got a cute baby doll that came with a stroller, high chair and crib from Grandpa Terry. She loves it so much... you can't tell by the picture because she was getting a little tired from her fun filled birthday day! (she kinda looks like she might fall over asleep right there)
Miley is our little sweet heart!
She is getting such a personality, she is so girly girly and loves everyone.
She is always saying Gray my best freind, or Hannah my best friend or Zac my best friend or Alex or Alyssa or Kaylee or Grandpa or YOU (whoever she's with at the time) you get the picture.
She has such a big heart!
I love you little Miss Miley my sweet little squishy girl.