Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My NeW ObSeSsIoN

I cleaned out my kids toy room and
turned it into my sewing/craft room and...
My cute girlies
wearing there new dresses
A dress I made Hannah and an Apron for Miley (not done with the apron yet)
I LOVE sewing!
I've had all these ideas running threw my head latley of what I can sew next. I couldn't sleep last night so I got up and started sketching picture of things I want to make.

I've been making pillows and aprons and bow and outfits and dresses and skirts and blankets
I am loving this, I think having it all in a room that I can have my stuff organized and left out so I can come and go when needed ( I DO still have a house full of kids LOL)
It's been a fun little hobby and MOST of the material I get are scrapes from the craft stores or walmart that is the clearensed "end of the bolt" peices, or at... yes my friends, YARD SALES!!!

Monday, August 30, 2010


My big 4th grader Zac man!

Hannah was so happy to be going to school. When she got home she just kept saying

"It was such a fun day at school mom."

This is the part that was a little hard for me, Hannah looks so little with all those big kids, but look at Zac with his arm around his little sis! so cute.