Saturday, May 9, 2009

lots of locks... GONE!!!

I kept saying I would cut Grays hair when he learned to walk...
well, 12 monthes then 13, then, 14, THEN 15 months passed and no walking!
FINALLY at 15 1/2 months Grays walkin'

So it's time for a HAIR CUT!!!!

I would say he needs it.

HOLY CRAP, thats alot of hair

Oh man, my cute little boy has
under all that hair.

YES... I loved the curls

but now I get to see his cute little face!
Grays face looks a little thinner and a little older than this morning.

Sick little Hannah Jo

This is Hannah about a week ago
For all that know Hannah Jo, Know this is not like her... (to sleep)
This was her Monday morning
This is Hannah Jo Monday night
Tuesday morning we took Hannah to a walk in clinic and she had a bad
uti and kidney infection...
they put her on an antibiotic and said if she got worse at all to take her to the hospital.
By Wednesday night she was worse and we took her to the ER.

Come to find out her body was rejecting the antibiotic they give her.

She was such a tuff little thing. It took a couple days to start to keep food down and get her fever to stay down.
Lets just stay after 2 nights there Hannah Jo was ready to come home...
even if that meant get better quick :)

After LOST of sleeping and lots of test...
we started to get our girl back.

Hannah Jo was so excited to go home, this was her the whole way home

She still gets real tired easy but she doing so so good.
Thanks for every ones help, calls and concerns!