Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sunday, April 12, 2009

sorry about all the pictures, it was a LONG weekend

After church on Easter
(yes, as if my kids didn't keep me crazy enuf... we added a dog to the family
my kids LOVE Chewy and he has been an amazing little cockapoo. We love you cho cho)

Easter Sunday

Hannah and Miley Easter morning

Briscoe Easter party!

YES, Todd is under there getting trampled by all the kidos

Grady has become quite the little grandpas boy and when he saw Stetson on his lap he leaped out of his dads arms to get in on some of grandpas action!

I just thought this was to cute.

ALL the kids had ALL there eggs out

and were all in HEAVEN (candy heaven that is)

Naener & Mies sure love Aunt Trish
and she loves them!

little buddies Gray and Nels.

can you tell it's starting to get cold!

What a cute bunch of cousins!
Zac - Annalyn - Hannah - Travis - Kaylee
Grady-Miley - Houston - Toby - Stetson - JoAnna - Jaxson - Nelson - Alex
The kids al had so fun!

Saterday we went to the big EGG hunt

Lacey and I with the kidz.