Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday, February 8, 2010

An update on my little family

So I can't find the cord to download pictures since we moved so heres a verbal update...

January 8th we took a huge leap of faith and moved our little family to the town of Meridian. It has been a great move so far. Zac really loves school and Church and is making friends quickly. Mark pretty much knew averyone at his work before and it he is also doing well with the change, he is still getting used to a 25 min commute each way but he says it don't bother him. The three little ones all seem to be doing well with the change also. ME... I am very blessed that I know some people that live here, this has helped me TUNS. I live about a mile away from my cousin Tina that has been a great friend to me, I see or talk to her just about every day. My awsome friend that grew up down the street from me Shari lives here and I love her to death and we've been able to see each other a few times and one of my good friends Jen, I meet 7+ years back live here too, we got together and it was so great to see her and her little fam, and our oldest boys that played together forever ago hit it off like they hadn't been away from each other for years.

The week I moved here my favorite JoDee can to see me and help me get things put up and put away, I loved having her here and her cute boys that my kids love so much... and of course i loved the help too :-).

...That same weekend my mother-in-law took our family and all the rest of marks family on a fun quick trip to yellowstone. we went through the park played in the water and got to catch up with marks family.

Next my Dad and my awsome sister and her kidos come to see me and it was SO much fun, my mother-in-law can up too and it was so great to hang out eat LOTS of yummy food and show them all where i live now. that same weekend on Sunday my brother Todd came up with his family and we had a great sunday visiting and playing games.

This last weekend my dad had work here and so I got to see him again and he droped my cute little sister off to play with me. It was so much fun cause I had a babysitter and we got to go shop play hang, my cousin tina came with and we all had lots of fun.

With all the excitment going on we've only had a chance to go to church 2x, but everyone seems so great and friendly. I really look forward to getting to know people more and hopefully makeing some new friends.

OH YA... and mixed in with all that we had our little Hannah Jo turn 5! she is such a cute little girl. I can't believe shes five, I love her so dang much and with as many time as she was in the hospital last year (for one thing or another) so far so good. She really seems to be doing good, it makes me so happy to see her healthy.

... and my sweet baby Grady turned 2. I can NOT even believe that he's two. he is such a sweet little boy that I can't get enuf of. He LOVES his big sisters and big brother and lights up if any of them give him attention.

WOW!!! thats an earfull. hopefull i can find my cord soon so you don't have to read so much next time and you can just look at pics...LOL