Monday, September 29, 2008

mY BiG BiThDaY gIrL!

It seema like all I did this week was have birthday after birthday. My Mother-in-laws was last Saterday, then Zac on Monday, along with my Grandpa Nelson, then my family all got together for Zac and Mileys birthday on Wednesday, then...
Happy birthday to Miley on Friday!
At PaRtY on Wednesday!
(Hannah got to the corner a little before cake time)

Good morning sunshine! Happy Birthday!

Mayfield Party on Friday!

Let's eat the reast of your cake from Wednesday:)

My baby girl is two!

These are pictures of Zac & Mileys cakes

Miley is growing up so fast. She wants to be as big as Zac and Hannah, so shes not very happy when she can't do everything they do.

Miley (for the most part) is the most easy-goin' happy kid. Shes just a little sweetheart! Ya can't help but love her to pieces!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


zAc TuRnEd 8 yEsTeRdAy!!!
I can't believe how big my little boy is getting.
Zac has always been such a joy.

Zac got a webkinz from his grandma, he was so excited... can ya tell!
Zac was so cute in the morning, he had 3 gifts to unwrap and his little sisters were wanting to open them so he got down at there level and said, Miley you can open this one, and Hannah you can open this one, and then I'll open this one... for a kid just turning 8, I was pretty impressed that he'd do that.

Zac truley loves life, these are just a few thing that he loves...


cAmPiNg, and using his pocket knife

sLeEpInG... LiKe a rOcK StAr
bAbY bRoThEr, GrAyLiTtLe sIsTeRs, LiEs aNd HaNnAh jO...

aNd bAkInG wItH mOm

CoUsInS & PiZzA
I'm one lucky mom to have a kid like Zac.

Friday, September 5, 2008

The Princess goes to preschool

Hannah Jo was SO excited to start preschool!
She looked like a little princess, It was so cute when I was getting her ready...
Hannah: "So you're gonna leave when we get there, huh mom!?!"
Me: "yep!"
This went on at least a handful of times, while she was smiling SO BIG!

On the was to school I asked her if she was excited...

She just kept smiling and looking out the window.

Did she get a little nervous when she got to the front door??

(maybe just a little)

Hannah is growing up so fast, she is so much fun,
I know shes going to do awesome.
Love you nanner bugs, xoxo