Sunday, December 14, 2008

SoMe UpDaTeD PiCtUrEs!!!

I just loved this picture of Grady... if you can't read his shirt it says...

Were takin' down the good old checkered wall paper. Our kids had way to much fun helping. It was Hannah's cup of tea... being distructive and mom bing ok with it, it was so cute. if she could get a big piece ahe would get so excited. AND she really was the most help of all the kids!

Nelson - Stetson - Grady - Analynn

Our visit to Santa...

without Miley, she was aLOT afraid!

Friday, November 14, 2008

1. These boys are growing like weeds
2. How dang cute they are!

I cut Mileys hair. I know this may sound bad but Hannahs hair is so much work that I like Mileys short cause A... it's cute AND B... it's so dang easy. ;~)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

My CuTe BoY

Grady chilled in his high chair while the girls cooked.

He learned to wave, which I think is SO CUTE,


He has EiGhT... thats right 8 teeth!


SaTuRdAy mOrNiNg BaKiNg!!

The girls got little baking sets!
Each had there own pans,
cookie cutters,
rolling pins,
and measuring spoons.
They had SO much fun making there own cookies.
Hannah Jo making her frosting
Miley getting ready to bake her cookies

Showing off her awsome job!

You always have to finish off with a cold glass of milk

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I saw this on someones blog while surfing.... It is so close to how I feel I thought I'd share. (especially the last sentence)

"Barack Obama has won!

The good news is that a Black man has won the Presidency, the bad news is that in many ways he supports many issues contrary to mine.

As I often tell my kids, no person is all bad. At this point, it doesn't matter what his actions and his voting record has been in the past, it now matters what he will do in the future.

Time will be the true indicator to what this man will do and represent.

Tomorrow is a new day!

No matter which candidate is in the White House our responsibilities will not change much. We still need to pray for our leaders and work at making our country better.

At the end of the day we will all be left with the task of living in this world and doing the best we can with it.

There is one thing that I am quite happy about and that is my kids know a little more about this election than I ever did at their age. I am pleased at their interest and their level of understanding. In addition, individual values set aside, this election is so important, for reasons far bigger than who wins or loses. My kids are having their very first real exposure to a presidential election and they are seeing a black man and a woman V.P candidate on the ticket.

In their world, this will ALWAYS have been possible."

When there was a picture of Obama on T.V. I pointed him out to Zac and it didn't even cross his mind that he is black, and that it was a big deal. I think that is a HUGE step, who-da-thunked-it even 10 years ago!?!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

FaMiLy FuN

Mark said if I put together a costume he'd wear it to work...
and ta-da (thanks Jody for the idea)

We love to go visit Great Grandma & Grandpa

Michelle and Lori come home for Halloween and it was so fun having them here
this is all the little Mayfield cousins

This is the Briscoe cousins at the traditional
"soup and rolls before trick or treating"
(thanks grandpa Terry, your the best)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

FiRsT BaTcH oF HaLLoWeEn PiCs

Anakin vs. Darth vador
GRADY (My little turtle)


Monday, October 27, 2008

Zac had crazy hair day at school today and Grady thought it was so cool.
He kept staring at it and tryed to touch it.
So we did Grays hair too!!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

OuR EnTeRtAiNmEnT!!

sO gRaY fOuNd a wAy tO GeT aRoUnD tHaT wE tHiNk Is DaNg FuNnY!
GrAy LoVeS dOiNg OnLy HaLf ThE wOrK!!!

ThIs Is GrAyS CuTe TeEtH!

He GoT # 5 & 6 iN ThIs WeEk EnD

Sunday, October 19, 2008



The prade was stopped for 20-30 min. cause a kid got hit by a car (he's ok) so this is the kids just chillin' waitin' for it to get going...
as there downing their candy!

My big sis called my little sis
and told her how fun it would be to throw a
girls Halloween party!
So with a lot of work and planning,
Trisha planned a
ghools night out...

This is some of the first people there, how great were all the costumes!
These were the winners of the halloween costume contest...
most creative: stressed out breast-feeding mother
Scariest: the vampire (Bella, i think,from "the books")
Cutest: THE DEVIL... (me:))
Best all around: Grapes
Funniest: Nepoliane Dynimite
There were games, food, gift exchange,
and lots of visiting and fun.
Thanks Trish. that was super fun

Sunday, October 12, 2008



What a wonderful day. First we woke up to a beautiful blanket of white snow on the ground, how appropriate for a day that Zac would be wearing all white to be baptised, and his little sweet cousin Annalyn be blessed in all white.

I can not express enuf how grateful I am for all the wonderful love and support we had from so many people. The ward was truly amazing to have everything perfect. We had SO many wonderful family come to be there on the special day. There was over 75 people there to support Zac and Annalyn.

Before Zac went to be baptised, I had him stand up and look around the room, I told him to look around at all the people that were there, to know they are all so proud of the choice he made to be baptised and they all love him very much.

Zac asked Uncle Scott to give a talk on the girt of the Holy ghost. He did wonderful and it really meant a lot to Zac. Then Zac and LOTS of his little cousins and some friends from the ward sang I am a Child of God. It was perfect.

I felt the spirit so Strong, I know Zac made the right decision. I know my mom was there on that special day, and I know many people felt her there, and I'm grateful for that.

After the baptism I asked Zac how he felt, I just loved his answer! With the biggest smile ever he said... " I feel really really good mom It's like I feel bigger, like lots bigger, and my heart wont stop beatin' really fast and hard," all I could do is tell him to take in that feeling and don't ever forget it, that it's the Lord telling him how proud he is of him. And I pray he will never forget that amazing feeling.

I know I am writing a TUN... but I just have one more thing.
After the Baptism and Blessing, we had everyone come to have sandwiches. It was also wonderful. It was so nice having all the Nelsons and Briscoes and Mayfields and Steadmans there. The kids all had so much fun, and everyone I think really enjoyed themselves visiting... the only thing that would have made the day better was to have the Phippins here, we really missed them that day.

Thanks everyone so much for all the love and support.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Miley has been such a little goof ball lately,she is so dang fun... I sear when kids hit 2 they grow up so fast.She decided about 2 weeks before her birthday she wanted to be potty trained. I was NOT excited to do it, well... I didn't have to. She did it on her own!
She has been such an easy little girl, when it was time to put her in her big girl bed, she went with no problems. There's so many things she does bacause she wants to be just like Zac and Hannah... BUT she wants to be like Gray in some ways too... like she wanted to have a bottle FOREVER!!! but when she decided about a month ago she didn't want one, she hasn't had one since. She is truely a joy!

This is Grady with his little cousins, Stetson & Nelson
They will all be such good little buddies some day. Grady and Nelson already play together, and tackle each other... OK mainly Nelson tackling Gray, but they are so cute together.

Monday, September 29, 2008

mY BiG BiThDaY gIrL!

It seema like all I did this week was have birthday after birthday. My Mother-in-laws was last Saterday, then Zac on Monday, along with my Grandpa Nelson, then my family all got together for Zac and Mileys birthday on Wednesday, then...
Happy birthday to Miley on Friday!
At PaRtY on Wednesday!
(Hannah got to the corner a little before cake time)

Good morning sunshine! Happy Birthday!

Mayfield Party on Friday!

Let's eat the reast of your cake from Wednesday:)

My baby girl is two!

These are pictures of Zac & Mileys cakes

Miley is growing up so fast. She wants to be as big as Zac and Hannah, so shes not very happy when she can't do everything they do.

Miley (for the most part) is the most easy-goin' happy kid. Shes just a little sweetheart! Ya can't help but love her to pieces!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


zAc TuRnEd 8 yEsTeRdAy!!!
I can't believe how big my little boy is getting.
Zac has always been such a joy.

Zac got a webkinz from his grandma, he was so excited... can ya tell!
Zac was so cute in the morning, he had 3 gifts to unwrap and his little sisters were wanting to open them so he got down at there level and said, Miley you can open this one, and Hannah you can open this one, and then I'll open this one... for a kid just turning 8, I was pretty impressed that he'd do that.

Zac truley loves life, these are just a few thing that he loves...


cAmPiNg, and using his pocket knife

sLeEpInG... LiKe a rOcK StAr
bAbY bRoThEr, GrAyLiTtLe sIsTeRs, LiEs aNd HaNnAh jO...

aNd bAkInG wItH mOm

CoUsInS & PiZzA
I'm one lucky mom to have a kid like Zac.