Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I got my pictures back...

I know, I know... theres a crap load of pictuers
I just didn't know which ones to post!
I gotta be honest, my kids were so cranky I didn't know if I'd get anygood pictures,
and there is so many I love!

OH, maybe deep down these two do love each other :)

Pucker up buttercup

My friend Noelle Merzlock took these for me! She does a wonderful job.
you can see some of her work at

Sunday, March 29, 2009

So a couple things that happened this weekend...
first we went to the spring fair, whoo!
It was just like every other year.
The highlight of our time there was when
Miss Hannah wanted to go on the bungee tramp thing that has you go super high.
We thought what the heck, let her try!
She stood on the scale and was barely big enuf 2 do it.
That girl got up there and worked it.
She got jumping on it and she was going pretty high.
The guy asked her if she wanted to go higher,
with a big nod and an even bigger smile she said...YES!!!
He flung her up there so high and that girl didn't flinch...
she loved it then he helped her do a couple back flips.
AND of course I didn't have my camera.
We took some pictures with grandmas phone,
so I'll see if I can get them off it.
That little girl drew quite the crowed,
Everyone thought she was so brave.
She just keeps asking if she can go do it again.
(oh, what us parents find joy in :))
Next we had pictures taken of our kids...
that was so NOTfun!
Miley would not stop crying for daddy and her noes would not stop running
Gray was just fine until we wanted a picture!
Then he would freak out worse than he EVER does.
Zac was posen like a mad man and
Hannah would sit or stand were we told her to
but didn't want to smile much or show her personality
(I guess she thought, "Heck, at least I'm not crying")
UGHHH!.. Oh well, what do ya do!?!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

jUsT a FeW RaNdOm PiCtUrEs

I'm pretty sure Hannah Jo will be a super star some day.

My baby boy is catching up to my baby girl in size!
(ok, maybe his head already passed hers up)

We were on our way to Utah and zac was playin the ds and the 2 babies were asleep, and Mark says... check out Hannah! does she look a little board or what.

eating yummy sugar cookies on a beautiful day!

Gradylicious eating green rice on St. Patty's day