Saturday, January 31, 2009

BiRtHdAy BoY!

I think this picture is so funny,
Grady's getting knocked over and smashed and
his sis' are going crazy over his gift! That's just a little peak into everyday of Grays life...
poor kid. (or pretty lucky!?!)

We had a little to much cake already this week...
so we went with pie.
GrAdY LiKe!!!
He is such a mellow happy little guy.
You can't help but fall in love with Grady the second you meet him.
He has SO much love for his big sis' and big bro.
Gray lights up when any of them are around.
Grady started to clap just about a week ago and it's so dang cute.
He's starting to talk a ton and he cracks himself up.
Gray has been teething like a mad man and now has 14 teeth, working on 2 more.
He COULD walk if he wanted to, but he's a chicken.
So he just cruises along furniture and walls.
We are so blessed to have such a sweet little spirit in our home.
We LoVe YoU BaBy GrAy

Thursday, January 29, 2009

I've been BUG taged, List 10 things that BUG you!
10 ThInGs ThAt BuG Me!
1. When I wake up with 3-4 kids in my bed.
2. When I mop the kitchen floor and 1/2 second later juice gets spilled all over it.
3.The fact that My sister live so far away.
4. My Church starting at 1:30!
5. When I'm SO dang tired and I can't fall asleep.
6. That Mark just has to put his head on his pillow and he's OUT.
7. When I "finish" the laundry and the next day I start all over.
8. That I'm not on some tropical island somewhere!
9. That my kids are growing up so fast.
10. When there's no paper towel in a public restroom.
10 people I "bug" tag:
1. Julie W.
2. Lori P.
3. Jen D.
4. Jody F.
5. Shari B.
6. Jamie R.
7. Wendy B.
8. Lacey B.
9. Tina T.
10. Aubrey Z.

Monday, January 26, 2009

BiRtHdAy PaRtY!

We had all the family over to help us celebrate
Hannah and Grady's birthday!
(Grays birthday is Saturday)
It was so CrAzY... I mean FUN!
I have the best family and they are all so supportive of each others families. It's awesome.
Hannah opened ALL her gifts and Gray opened a few of his. It was a little much for him...
so he just crawled around and played.
My BiRtHdAy BoY &
BiRtHdAy GiRL!

Then of course we had cupcakes and ice cream
YuM yUm YuM

Playing with her new strawberry shortcake toy before BED!!!

Thank you for coming to my party...
Grandpa Terry, Grandpa Mike, Grandma,
Lacey, Jeremy, Jaxson, Alex, Nelson,
Scott, Rae, Travis, Houston, JoAnna, Stetson,
Ben, Mary, Rebecca, Emily,
Todd, Wendy, Kaylee, Troy, Toby, Annalyn,
Trish and Jen.
(and of course, Mom, Dad, Zac and Miley)
LoVe- Hannah Jo & Gray-D-licious

Happy Birthday Hannah Jo

Hannah heading to school!

My friend give me this fun idea...
you blow up a water balloon and dip it in candy chocolate.
When its dry you pop the balloon and you have a little edible bowl.
You can fill it with whatever. I filled mine with yogurt and a couple kinds of fruit.

Hannah's looking at me like
"Why are you still here? and why are you taking pictures of me!"

Friday, January 23, 2009

Mileys 1st visit to the Denist

SuCh a BiG gIrL

Watching NEMO...
I took Miley to the Denist and she was a little nervous at first. She didn't love all the equiptment. I was a little nervous myself, wondering if her teeth were healthy... she liked the bottle a little longer that she should have. I was VERY happy to hear that her teeth were GREAT. Beautiful healthy teeth!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

BuiLd - a - BeAr FuN !

For Christmas my kids got build-a-bear gift cards from there awsome
Aunts in Nevada,
Aunty Lori & Aunt Michelle.
They have been so excited about it.
They all had so much fun making there little friends.
Hannah Jo picked the black lab.

Zac picked the turtle.

Miley picked the cute pink monkey.

Getting them all bathed and brushed !
Hannah give her old monkey to Grady and he got a new JAZZ outfit for it and the kids helped rename it... SHE was Flower, and now HE is Noodles.
They have all loved there build-a-bears!!!


HANNAH & SADIE... and baby SARA (thats Sadies dog)
Thanks again Aunty Lori and Aunt Michelle.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Grady just started laughing at Zac out of the blue... so of course I ran and got my camera so I could get a little on video.

Kids are the best!

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Happy New year!
Baby Gray spent it in the ER.
Poor little guy fell down the stairs and split the corner of his eye right open.
The Doctor glued and tapped it up for him.

Later I took Miley to Urgent care cause she wasn't breathing great.
They said she has croup and give her some steroids.


I didn't have a computer for over a month... but good old Santa hoked us up!!!
I'm back in business.

My awesome brother-in-law brought home my sister and the kids for Christmas.
It was so much fun and it went by WAY to fast.

My kids are all at fun magical stages, It was a sure joy to watch them enjoy this
wonderful season!


Miley and Hannah on there horses they got from Santa

Eating brunch at Uncle Ben's house Christmas morning

Zac got LEGOS from Santa... and has had so much fun
putting them all together and playing with them.
Cute little ones!

FuN On ChRiStMaS EvE

My friend Breanna came home from Texas to visit and a bunch of us friends went to eat and catch up. It was so much fun to see her and her cute kids and all my other friends.

This is Breannas, Jody, and my kids (except Zac)

HOW TIME FLYS! I was putting my kids to bed and when I came out Alyssa was cleaning up my kitchen. What a sweet heart. Her mom has taught her well! Thanks sis!
The kids made lego ships and Dax got first place!

(ok, alyssas wasn't really a ship:))