Sunday, July 19, 2009

SaTuRdAy In BeAr LaKe

Saturday was such a warm beautiful day we decided to head to Bear lake for the afternoon
We got there around 3:30 and it was CRAZY packed.
Once we found a spot and made ourselves at home, we all had a blast!
Hannah building her castle
Gray loved the sand and loved the water...
he didn't really care where he was he was just happy to be there.
The Foggy in the lake says "BLAAH"
and his eyes go "blink, blink, blink, blink"

Miley loved to make sand castles... she filled her bucket over and over again.

I couldn't keep Hannah out of the water

We buried Zac in the sandand Mark decided to have a little fun with it.
The kids had SO much fun.
The weather was perfect and the water was warm.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mileys long lost twin

WhO's wHo!?!

Mila Ann &
Miley Anne
(yes that is there first and middle names and
EVERYONE in the neighborhood gets these twins mixed up)

These 3 girls are BESTEST friends EVER!
Hannah Jo with her cute toothless smile.

H2O + CoRnStArCh + 6 LiTtLe GiRlS = FUN!

GooP! a.k.a. Oobleck
So very fun for kids, They all thought it was SO cool that they could turn this ooze into a hard ball by just squeezing it! WAY to fun (and don't worry...easy to clean up)

Hannah Jo Mila

That would be JoAnna :-)

They played hop scotch to get all clean.
(Jo, Miren, Amiaia, Miley)