Friday, February 20, 2009

MaN Do I LoVe ThIs KiD!

I was down stairs with the girls and when I came up stairs I found Grady at the window resting his head on his arms watching the neighbor boys play football. It was the cutest thing, so very quietly I got the camera and snapped a few shots.
I just can't seem to get enuf of this little guy!
(when he's in a good mood anyways)

The video below this is Grady showing off his moves...
I'm pretty sure he got those from his dad!
...dude, what's with the belly thing!

My Sweet baby boy playing outside!
Gray LOVED it outside.
He was not happy when I took him in.
In fact he through a little fit (it was kinda cute)

The girls loving the snow.

Little Miss Miley
Hannah Jo bugs

I've let Zac grow out his hair because I have to pick my battles...
well after trying for the last month
to get him to understand there is responsibilities
with having long hair (like doing it)
I choose to pick the battle to cut his hair.
1 BIG fit and a bunch of tears later he got a hair cut.
And I do have to say he looks pretty handsome
when you can see his cute face...
That's a lot of flippin' hair!
don't worry... he said he's not mad at me
(but he said he never wants me to cut it again, EVER)

Friday, February 13, 2009


My girls LOVE the book "Pinkalicous".
We invited a bunch of the little neighbor girls and had a
The jack-in-the box was great entertainment.

This video cracks me up. This is how silly they were the whole time.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Kylie - Miley - Evven - Kiriann - Whitney - Natalie - Hannah
Cute little girls getting ready to read Pinkalicious
They all made VERY yummy PINK cupcakes.
The cute little girls all had so much fun!