Saturday, October 16, 2010

cOuLd LiFe GeT MuCh bEtTeR ThAn tHiS!?!

Our finished toes!My girls
giving me a mini pedicure. Hannah helping Miley finish,
I guess Miley was getting tired :-)
So cute

(this last one should have been at the top)

This is them doing
the "prep" work
eww, ouch, eww, oww


Jody and Billy said...

So cute! Following in Aunt Trishas foot steps! Tell them I would like schdule one for next time I visit!

RaelynB. said...

Hi Jana! love these pics. Looks like your girls did a great job! Love you toes. I miss you guys tons! How have you all been? ARe you ready for Halloween? What are your kidos gona be? ARe you sewing their costumes? Please give all your kids a hug from me. Love you Guys!